CT4EDU: Computational Thinking for Education

CT4EDU is a group of faculty and graduate students at Michigan State University and K-12 teachers in Michigan that focus on computer science education and computational thinking across the K-16. The website includes projects that the group is currently involved in and list of resources teachers can use to embed CS and CT in their classrooms.


Here are research projects that CT4EDU team has been involved in.

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Here is the CT4EDU team

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Here are resources for educators related to computational thinking and computer science education

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Computational and Scientific Thinking

In a NSF funded STEM+C project, we will integrate scientific inquiry and computational thinking in elementary schools, focusing on grades 2-5. We propose to embed computational thinking through scientific inquiry rather than using coding tools to teach computational thinking. In intensive summer workshops and after-school meetings during the academic year, we will engage elementary school […]